My Music Around the World – Accidental Discoveries

As a composer for media, I sometimes stumble upon uses of my music that I didn’t know about. Some are television and film productions in far-away places, where I would never have dreamed to hear my music performed. Some are lovingly-made fan videos, which always entertain me with their creativity and enthusiasm. I thought that every now and then it would be interesting to share a few of these accidental discoveries with you:

Night Shopping in St. Petersburg

The Gallery – a huge mall in a historic building in the heart of St. Petersburg, Russia – created an enormous light and video projection show coordinated to music I composed for the SimAnimals video game. The whole thing was projected onto the front of their street-facing facade. I just happened to stumble upon this when I was surfing around YouTube. It was a huge surprise!


Britain’s Got Talent

I owe Lucius H. Moxon for letting me know about this first. He heard music that he liked on the Britain’s Got Talent TV show, and then he used the Shazam app to identify it — the app listens to whatever music is playing and then gives you the name of the song and the artist.

The icon for the Shazam application

The icon for the Shazam application

Then he searched for me on Twitter, found my Twitter profile, and tweeted me to let me know that he’d really enjoyed my music on Britain’s Got Talent. Thanks again, Lucius! It was flattering to have a track featured on such a popular show. The track was called “Deploy the Toys” from the Christmas album I composed for Extreme Music.

2 responses to “My Music Around the World – Accidental Discoveries

  1. Can’t believe I got a mention! I should be thanking you for the incredible music. I’m always trying to find track titles for music featured on television and adverts, and sadly they’re seldom given out; you really have to search around, or dig deep to find them.

    It’s nice that apps like Shazam, and sites like Twitter are helping people to connect to music and artists they would previously never have encountered.

    • Thanks for the very kind words, Lucius! I was glad to give you a shout out, and grateful that you let me know about my music appearing on Britain’s Got Talent. Shazam is pretty amazing, and I’m very happy that it led you to find me on the internet — thanks so much! 😀

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