Video Game Music Composers: New VR Headphones

How does headphone technology impact a virtual reality experience? Video game music composer Winifred Phillips discusses three headphone models targeting the VR marketplace, to see what new technologies are being proposed to facilitate VR audio.

Understanding Audio in VR – A Game Music Composer’s Resource Guide

Video game composer Winifred Phillips offers a roundup of resources available to game composers interested in composing music for virtual reality games. Included: methods and techniques, software tools, online communities, conferences and organizations.

VRDC 2017 takeaways: VR music for the game composer

Strategies for implementing music in VR projects were offered during the Virtual Reality Developers Conference this year. Video game composer Winifred Phillips discusses tools and tips from these talks, while also sharing insights from her own projects.

Video Game Music Composer: Music and Sound in VR Headphones (Part Two)

My work as a video game composer has lately included some projects for virtual reality games (more info on that in the coming months), and as a result I’ve been thinking a lot about the awesome potential of VR, and have also been writing lots of articles on the subject.  Earlier this month I began a […]

VR Game Composer: Music Beyond the Virtual

Let’s talk about the most potentially useful application of virtual reality for video game music composers – the ability to control our existing music production tools from within a VR environment!

VR Game Composer: Music Inside the Machine

Let’s take a look at how VR technology will allow us to make interesting music using more serious tools that are incorporated directly inside the VR environment – musical instruments that exist entirely within the VR ‘machine.’

VR Game Composer: Music in the Air

What impact will VR have on the creativity of game composers? This article begins a multi-part series on the relationship between music and the VR environment. We begin with an exploration of motion tracking and the age-old art of air guitar & air drums.

VR Audio: Past, Present & Future

In this blog, I thought we might take a quick look at the development of the three dimensional audio technologies that promise to be a vital part of music and sound for a virtual reality video game experience. Starting from its earliest incarnations, we’ll follow 3D audio through the fits and starts that it endured through its tumultuous […]

Can Game Music and Sound Combat VR Sickness?

Virtual Reality Sickness: the nightmare of VR developers everywhere.  We all know the symptoms.  Nausea.  Headache.  Sweating. Pallor.  Disorientation. All together, these symptoms are a perfect recipe for disaster. No one wants their game to make players feel like they’ve been spinning on a demon-possessed merry-go-round.  So, how do we keep this affliction from destroying the brand new, awesome […]