First Look: Beep Documentary interview with game music composer Winifred Phillips


The Beep documentary is an awesome upcoming crowdfunded film consisting of interviews with top game composers and sound designers from around the world.  Leading up to the film’s world premiere in Spring 2016, the Beep Documentary team has been releasing webisodes of interview footage with selected composers and sound designers who will be featured in the documentary.  I’m pleased to share that a webisode of my interview has just been posted by the Beep documentary team!

Beep has been described as “the most comprehensive documentary of game music/audio history ever made,” and “a huge and culturally significant undertaking to document the history of video game sound and music through interviews with composers and other game audio professionals from around the globe.”  The Beep documentary is described best on the project’s website: “Relive the moments of your childhood, and hear the stories behind the songs and sounds of your favorite games from the people who created them. Help us to give the composers and sound designers throughout game history a chance to tell their own stories, to share the truly amazing things that they achieved.”

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Annual Game Music Award won by A Composer’s Guide to Game Music


I’m pleased to announce that my book has won an Annual Game Music Award from Game Music Online!

Founded in 2003, the Game Music Online site specialises in daily news, high-quality reviews, insightful interviews, and comprehensive artist profiles in the field of video game music.  Since 2010, the staff of accomplished music journalists of Game Music Online has presented awards in many categories that acknowledge the diversity and range of the video game music genre.

This is how A Composer’s Guide to Game Music was described in the Annual Game Music Awards official announcement, released earlier this week:

A Composer’s Guide to Game Music isn’t the first of its kind, but it’s certainly among the very best. LittleBigPlanet composer Winifred Phillips offered an accessible yet deep insight into the process of making game music, balancing a focus on creative aspects with considerations of technical and business aspects.

The Annual Game Music Awards are organized by Chris Greening, who leads a distinguished staff of music journalists in providing vibrant articles and reviews for their Game Music Online readers.  In this capacity, Greening has reviewed over a thousand albums and interviewed hundreds of musicians across the world. As the founder and webmaster of Game Music Online, Greening has built a cutting-edge, journalistic resource for video game music enthusiasts.  Adding to his accomplishments, Greening will soon be co-authoring the companion book to the highly-anticipated upcoming documentary, “Beep: A Documentary History of Game Sound.”

Thanks so much to Game Music Online for recognizing my book in the Best Publication Category of the Annual Game Music Awards!